Bringing Sustainability to African Fintechs With S1 Blue

We are so happy to announce that SouthOne has struck a fair few sustainability and social impact partnerships. 

This journey has been no easy feat. Our team members have reimagined, revised, and revisited countless company programmes and initiatives–– discussing and improving on each one–– to achieve this status. 

In Q1 of 2023 we had a serious thought about what impact S1 wanted to have on the planet, people, and humanity as a whole. 

With an acute interest in African economies and how it affects communities across the continent, we thought it would be a good idea to outline the reasons for S1 Blue’s inception, and what we plan to do with this sustainability programme moving forward.

What Inequality is Present in Africa Today?

Africa is a diverse and vibrant continent. With over 54 countries, each uniquely diverse, there are bound to be some inequalities among them, but what are they? 

Keep reading to learn more about the inequalities in Africa today. 

  1. Economic inequality: This is perhaps the biggest reason why S1 was created. Our service is helpful to African businesses and entrepreneurs who need to pay their invoices and carry on business as usual. We want to help people get ahead and accomplish their business goals.
  2. Gender inequality: Progress towards gender inequality has been slower in some regions in Africa. Examples of this includes women and girls’ education, political representation, and the rise in gender based violence. These areas has been slow to develop. 
  3. Ethnic and racial inequality: In a few African countries, ethnic or racial groups face marginalisation and discrimination (particularly if they are in a minority). These injustices can lead to unequal access to education, employment, and other opportunities, as well as a lack of political representation.
  4. Health inequality: Many African countries face significant health challenges, including high rates of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. These diseases can disproportionately affect people who are already marginalized, such as those living in poverty or in rural areas.
  5. Educational inequality: Access to education can be limited in many African countries, particularly for girls and children living in poverty. This can limit opportunities for economic and social mobility, and can perpetuate cycles of poverty and inequality.

It’s worth noting that while these forms of inequality are significant challenges, Africa is also a continent of immense diversity and resilience, with many individuals and communities working to address these issues and improve the lives of people across the continent.

It is because of these intricacies and market dynamics that SouthOne came to fruition. Our knowledge and education surrounding countries in Africa and how they operate is constantly expanding.

We are lucky to work in such an environment where we have expertise of African markets at our fingertips.

What Changes Does Our Team Want to See? 

To us, doing good means also doing well. This is why we conduct quarterly employee satisfaction surveys to ensure we stay abreast of what our employees want to see in terms of career development, benefits, and of course CSR. 

We sent around a survey to our team to measure and get a pulse on the social and environmental issues they care most about. 

As of right now, the survey has not concluded but check back in a week’s time and we will have posted the results here.

Keep on reading to find out what is next for our sustainability programme.

What is Next for S1 Blue?

For SouthOne, the first few steps involve understanding that there are problems to face and then narrowing down how SouthOne can help best alleviate these issues and bring light to them.

Employee Feedback is Important at SouthOne

Since S1 Blue is a new programme, we want to ensure we keep our employees updated and included each step of the way.

The first instance of this was to send around a survey to better understand the mission, vision, and values each of our team members really take to heart. Once we have a good understanding of this, we can continue to build a sustainability platform that not only helps communities across the world (especially in Africa) but also empowers our team.

SouthOne Impact Reporting

In the next phase of our programme, we aim to publish a series of quarterly impact reports where we highlight new partnerships, publish our carbon footprint, and discuss the industry’s most pressing issues and how we are helping out.

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